Who can drive the vehicle?

You must be at least 25 years old to drive, have a valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance. You must be able to operate a manual transmission.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery fees vary based on drop-off location. Please call (252) 619-7897 for more information.

Can I rent for multiple days?

We do not allow overnight rentals, however you can rent for multiple days and return the vehicle by closing time each day.

Can children ride?

Absolutely! However, the child must be 8 years of age or older to ride/out of a car seat.

Do you rent hourly?

No, we rent in 5-hour time slots. If interested in a full day rental, please call (252) 619-7897 for more information.

Are all of the vehicles manual?

Yes! They are all 4 speed manual transmissions.

Are your vehicles 4-wheel drive?

No, these dune buggies are built to be rear-wheel drive.

Can you switch out the people that are riding in the buggy?

No. Due to air up and air down times with traffic, whoever is in the vehicle upon pickup should be the only riders.

Is the off-road beach actually a road?

Yes! This is a public road, all legal rules apply.

Do I need to fill the gas tank before returning?

Nope! We hand it off to you with a full tank and ask that you please do not refill after your ride.

Can I take my dune buggy rental to the off-road beach?

Of course! We encourage it. Seeing the horses on Carova Beach is one of the main attractions on the Outer Banks.

Do I need a permit to drive on the beach?

Nope! But if you are planning to park and hangout for the day, a parking pass for Carova Beach is required. You can purchase one here: Currituck County Beach Parking (ticketspice.com)

What about insurance?

All drivers must provide proof of full coverage auto insurance.

Where do I air up/down my tires?

There is a free air up/down station at Historic Corolla Park:1100 Hunt Club Dr Corolla, NC 27927.

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Disclaimer: These vehicles are over 50 years old and built to handle off-road terrain, they don’t drive like a Cadillac!