About Us

Hi! I’m Tony-  outdoor enthusiast and owner of Good Vibrations Beach Rides. Growing up in the so-called mountains of Maryland, I was always lucky enough to find myself in the woods hiking and camping on the Appalachian trail. As the country boy grew up into a hippy, I purchased my 1st VW bus. A 1966 tin top camper named Gusto. Positively Gusto in fact. Believe me when I tell you: this was “the magic bus”.

Since those times, much remains the same. Adventuring into the great outdoors always seemed best when in an old Volkswagen. So on my journeys, I’d go from one coast to another in my VW bus. Letting my heart be my guide up any hill and back down to the valley or coast on the other side. From Big Sur to the Outer Banks, I’m still loving the journey and the wonderful people I meet along the way.

I fell in love with my wife and the Outer Banks pristine beaches long before I settled down here. When a carpentry job luckily landed my family and I on the OBX permanently, our spare time was filled in an open-air VW driving up and down the beaches to explore. Suddenly, the idea for Good Vibrations Beach Rides was born! As always, I am following my heart.

It is my great pleasure to bring to you the best Outer Banks dune buggy rentals through Good Vibrations Beach Rides! With some of the coolest and toughest vintage VW’s anywhere, and no two buggies are alike, you can rest assured that you will be the only one sporting these one-of-a-kind rides. When you choose Good Vibrations OBX dune buggies, I am positive that you will feel the good vibes that the Outer Banks has always been known for.


  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE. You speak to the owner and VW enthusiast, Tony, directly when you call.
  2. SAVE TIME. We offer free pick-up and delivery within Duck and Kitty Hawk.
  3. WE’RE UNIQUE. Our vehicles are one-of-a-kind and optimized for safety and performance.
  4. REGULAR MAINTENANCE. Buggies are more fun when they run – and boy do they ever! We maintain our vehicles regularly, so you are satisfied with your experience.
  5. QUALITY VEHICLES. Our engines and transmissions are custom-built in-house, with top of the line German and Italian parts.
  6. SAFETY FIRST. All of our vehicles have steel bodies with full roll cages.
  7. A SMOOTH RIDE. Our vehicles are equipped with racing coilover suspension, so you feel like you’re floating over the sand.
  8. ENDLESS ADVENTURE. Our vehicles go places on the beach where even Jeeps and other four-wheel-drive vehicles get stuck.